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Jon U’s Batch -(Group Batch 4)

So today’s brew day was fun but a bit rushed… I went to brew and grow and got my grains and hops two days ago and made a slight change to the recipe hop wise, here’s the actual grain bill along with brew and grow numbers to make repeat purchases in the future easy:

B&G Item Number   |  Grain Type   | QTY  | Cost

510   Belgian Pisen  8 lbs $15.20
131 Wheat Malt 3lbs $3.75
119  Flaked Wheat  1lb $1.62
503 Belgian Cara  20 0.31lbs $0.59
423 German Melanoidin 0.26lbs $0.49
401 Acidulated Malt 0.39lbs $0.74

German Hersbrucker Pellets (2 % AA)  1oz $1.99
German Hallertau Pellets (4.3 % AA) 1 oz $1.99

Wyeast – Special London ESB Ale $6.50
Tax $0.74

TOTAL : $33.61

my starting mash temp got a little too high, but it cooled off quickly and got the final mash temp at target 156 degrees.



After mash was complete I fly sparged into Nick’s mash tun then started my boil…

Nothing remarkable during the boil, however at the start of the boil I added 1 oz Hersbrucker and 0.23 oz Hallertau to bring my alpha acid closer to 3%

Chilling went pretty quick…


Got the wort to about 78 degrees and pitched the yeast…  My OG was a little low @ 1.050.


Now we wait…

Batches 2 and 3

Jon, I will email the sheets for these as well since they are all slightly different.  I measured OG  last night for batch 3 and it was 1.064.  I set the software to 70% efficiency (standard) when I made the recipe so I *should* have gotten 1.066.  That is close enough for me.

The different yeast strains defnitely impact attenuation.  Safale-05 should give us 6.4% while ESB 5.9%