SourAleGroup E-BIAB Sofie Clone

What a great brew day, by far it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had as a home brewer.  The culmination of a lot of thought and work came together today for a truly satisfying experience. Read more about the E-BIAB system Setup Here

The Sofie Clone Recipe

10 lbs Pilsner 2 Row
2 lbs Wheat Malt
1 oz  Amarillo Gold @ 60 Min
.5 oz Amarillo Gold @ 0 Min

Brettanomyces Bruzellensis (Wyeast #3112)
Belgain Saison (Wyeast #3724)

Brewday Notes:
(25 minutes to get to strike temp, 1 hour Mash, 14 minutes to get to boil temp, 1 hour Boil, 33 minute chill, 20 minutes primary prep and cleaning)

Turned system on at 9:40pm (8.9 gallons of water at 60 degrees)
Hit Strike Temperature of 162 degrees at 10:05
Mash started at 10:05
Mash out started at 11:06
End mash out at 11:13
Strain grain until 11:20

Boil Volume = 7.5 gallons,
Preboil gravity: 1.040

Switched the Element to Boil setting at 11:27pm
Reach Boil temp at 11:41pm
Boil ended at 12:41

postboil volume : 6.2 gallons
postboil gravity: 1.051

Chilling Started at 12:42
Chilling ended at 1:15 @ 79 degrees

Pump to Primary at 1:20

Finished brewday at 1:40

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