Jon U’s Batch -(Group Batch 4)

So today’s brew day was fun but a bit rushed… I went to brew and grow and got my grains and hops two days ago and made a slight change to the recipe hop wise, here’s the actual grain bill along with brew and grow numbers to make repeat purchases in the future easy:

B&G Item Number   |  Grain Type   | QTY  | Cost

510   Belgian Pisen  8 lbs $15.20
131 Wheat Malt 3lbs $3.75
119  Flaked Wheat  1lb $1.62
503 Belgian Cara  20 0.31lbs $0.59
423 German Melanoidin 0.26lbs $0.49
401 Acidulated Malt 0.39lbs $0.74

German Hersbrucker Pellets (2 % AA)  1oz $1.99
German Hallertau Pellets (4.3 % AA) 1 oz $1.99

Wyeast – Special London ESB Ale $6.50
Tax $0.74

TOTAL : $33.61

my starting mash temp got a little too high, but it cooled off quickly and got the final mash temp at target 156 degrees.



After mash was complete I fly sparged into Nick’s mash tun then started my boil…

Nothing remarkable during the boil, however at the start of the boil I added 1 oz Hersbrucker and 0.23 oz Hallertau to bring my alpha acid closer to 3%

Chilling went pretty quick…


Got the wort to about 78 degrees and pitched the yeast…  My OG was a little low @ 1.050.


Now we wait…

6 thoughts on “Jon U’s Batch -(Group Batch 4)

  1. I will brewing my batch on Sunday morning. So, Jon, I will need to get my mash tun by then. I plan to stain the barrel stand and poly it. When does then need to be at Dave’s house? Dave?

    1. Hey guys, I am very happy to see all of the progress we all made this week. Nick, the stand looks awesome. Jon, sounds like your brew day went well. John Byrne brewed on Sunday and Mike (who was in for Riot Fest) and I stopped by to get him started. He used WYeast “British Cask Ale”. I had never seen that before. His mash was 156 (we did it while we were there) and he boiled 3 gallons of wort and topped off to 5. He bought a stainless brew kettle but it would not fit on his stove (microwave set low) so he was stuck using a 4 gallon vessel for the boil. No OG measured.

      Once all of the batches are done and have sat at least a week, we should all meet, sample the batches, and fill the barrel. Sound good? I will try and do one more batch last this week so we have 6 batches total.

  2. Dave – Did Batches 1, 2 and 3
    Jon U – Batch 4
    John B – Batch 5
    Nick – Batch 6 on Saturday

    Dave, are you doing a 7th batch, or should nick skip his batch?

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